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Funding Guidelines

Although a grant application may align with the Foundation's Mission, Principles, and Program Areas, it is not possible to fund all invited applicants. Because of this, the Foundation has developed a set of Grant Funding Guidelines to help the Foundation's Board in determining grant award decisions. It is important that invited grant applicants be aware of these guidelines because they are used in determining the amount of funds to be awarded as well as the types of funding that are supported.

The Foundation will:

  • Award between $150,000 and $200,000 in grants each year
  • Try to divide funding evenly between the three program areas (1/3 to each program area)
  • Fund one large grant ($40,000 to $60,000) and one or two smaller grants ($10,000-$20,000) in each of the program areas each year
  • Limit large grants to:
    • Unique and innovative programs, which if properly funded and executed, have the potential for significant impact on a regional, national, or international scale.
    • Programs that have, or have the potential to have, a sustainable funding model
    • Programs that can be, or have the potential to be, replicated to other geographic areas or constituencies
    • Ministries that have a clear and compelling vision and strategy for expansion of their program beyond a local implementation to a regional, national, or international scale
  • Limit long-term grant commitments to any one ministry to a maximum of four years
  • Approve no more than one funding request to any one ministry per year
  • Approve no more than three consecutive funding requests to any one ministry
  • Avoid providing funding to ministries heavily supported by government grants
  • Avoid providing funding to ministries which have a significant endowment fund or cash reserves
  • Avoid providing funding to ministries which have poor board governance or accountability
  • Not fund requests of general operational support grants
  • Only fund major capital improvement projects if a significant percentage of the funds needed for the improvement have been raised by the organization’s usual donor community
  • Only fund major capital improvements or new programs if the organization can demonstrate how they intend to provide for the ongoing operational support of the improvement or program
  • Not make grants to individuals
  • Not make grants to organizations based outside the United States or its possessions