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Application Process

The foundation requires that all grant applications be submitted online. No hardcopy LOI’s or applications are accepted, and will not be acknowledged by the foundation. Any questions for the Foundation should be submitted to the email address listed in the Contact section of this website.

Below are the steps that an invited grant applicant should follow:

  1. Review the information about the Cora Foundation found on this website.
  2. Click the “Login” link to access the online grant application system and login using your email address and the password provided to you by the foundation in your invitation.
  3. Fill out the Letter of Inquiry form and submit it.
  4. Wait to be notified of the foundation’s decision concerning your letter of Inquiry.
  5. If your letter of inquiry is approved, log into the online grant application system and fill out the grant application form and submit it. Please see the Resources section of the website for a list of the documentation that is required to be submitted.
  6. Wait to be notified by the foundation of our decision or the need to provide any additional information.